Legal translation: translating legal terminology frequently involves dealing with concepts that have no equivalent in the source and target legal systems. Legal concepts and procedures which appear in the source language may be completely different in the language of the target country; in some cases they do not even exist at all. Having studied law to master's degree level in common law and civil law legal systems, David has the skills to deal with the complexities of translating legal documents from French, German and Spanish into English.

Documents covered include:
• contracts and agreements (e.g. employment, sales and services, articles of association/incorporation, corporate leases)
• legal proceedings and court rulings
• acts and regulations
• agreements (e.g. non-disclosure, end-user license, sales and distribution)
• notarial deeds and testamentary instruments...

Business and financial translation: business today is certainly global and translation plays a fundamental role in organizations that are involved in international operations. With experience of working for large international organizations in Europe and the USA at different levels of the hardware, software and telecommunications industries – working continuously in multilingual environments with teams across the world - David has intimate knowledge of the different business practices that exist in the source and target cultures which is required to translate terminology with the required level of precision for the intended audience.

Documents covered include:
• general business correspondence
• internal policies, guidelines and codes of conduct
• process improvement specifications
• annual financial statements and management reports...